I recently did a review on the Magic Jack Plus with favorable results. I have been a Magic Jack user for a few years. The original jack I got broke and I ended up not using it anymore.  Since I bought 5 years of service I wanted to be able to use it. When I founded the Magic Jack App for the Iphone/Ipod/Ipad I was excited. I no longer have a Iphone but do have a Ipad 2. The app is free and available at the app store.

Magic Jack App On Ipad 2

Once downloaded you follow the instruction for logging in. I use my account from my broken jack and now I have a huge phone in my Ipad 2. When I am within WiFi range my Magic Jack account will ring like a normal phone. The best part is my Ipad 2 is portable so when I travel I will have my phone with me. Magic Jack includes Canada and USA wide long distance so as long as I am near WiFi I can make and receive my calls. I tested my setup with my Ipad 2 wirelessly tethered to my Samsung Galaxy phone using the 3G and 4 G network with very good results. When doing this my Ipad 2 can be used anywhere there is cellular data coverage.  I would even say this app works better than my Magic Jack Plus I have as my home phone.

Magic Jack App Includes A Full Feature Phone

Like I said, I no longer have my Iphone so I couldn’t test the app with a regular phone and Magic Jack hasn’t release the app for the Android world yet but if it works as well as it does on my Ipad 2 I think regular cellular service are in trouble. Imagine no more air time or long distances charges. Running of a 3G or 4G network would allow you to move freely with the phone. When Magic Jack releases the app for the Android system I’ll be the first to get one.

Free App
Portable with Iphone
No extra charges to use on your current account
Free long distance

No app for Android OS (Big One)

By: Gnarly Dave